Fifty thousand reasons to be thankful! 

Fifty thousand reasons to be thankful! 

Kitchenery Freedom to cook

Kitchenery’s 1st Round of Public Offering reaches $50,000 in early investments on Wefunder. 

“50,000 around the sun, once in a lifetime. Kitchenery is the new Green Comet!” Andrew Collier – Director of Corporate Relations @ Kitchenery Inc.

Kitchenery has 50,000 reasons to be thankful. You made history by helping Kitchenery be at the forefront of wireless energy technology and innovation in the Kitchen Industry!!

It’s time to confirm your reservation by completing your investment and officially joining the Kitchenery family.

Our team is grateful to you for believing in Kitchenery, trusting our technology, and seeing potential in our collective vision for a better, technologically advanced, and sustainable future.

It is hard putting into words the overwhelming feeling of being backed by incredible people with an ambitious mindset.

We are in awe of the extraordinary collection of people who have vowed to support our mission to back Kitchenery.

📈 There is still time to Confirm your reservation & Complete your investment!📈

✌️ Extreme Innovation in Kitchen Space 

Claim your plate before its too late

Kitchenery has a forward-thinking approach to IoT and smart home technology. I love the profound technical ability of this team and bootstrapping DNA. Their proven and patented wireless power transfer technology for small kitchen appliances enhances the user experience and opens up new opportunities for Saas models: data collection and analysis. Their smart connectivity enables seamless integration and control of multiple appliances, creating a truly connected and efficient kitchen environment. Additionally, Kitchenery’s long-term focus on data analytics allows for a deeper understanding of consumer usage patterns and preferences, leading to even more personalized and innovative products in the future. Kitchenery’s technology will play a significant role in shaping the future of smart kitchens. I invested in Kitchenery because of its innovative wireless power transfer technology for small kitchen appliances, which has the potential to dramatically change the way we use and interact with our kitchen appliances. They have developed proven cordless tech, and now the team is preparing for GTM in the recreational and hospitality industries. 

Dhyey Vaghani, Lead Investor at Kitchenery

Fifty thousand reasons to be thankful! 

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