How do Kitchenery’s cordless appliances benefit the boating industry?

How do Kitchenery’s cordless appliances benefit the boating industry?

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Kitchenery launches 3d visualization portal at IBEX-2023!

When it comes to waterfront living, the boating industry faces some unique challenges that demand creative solutions. One of these innovative solutions is the incorporation of Kitchenery’s Wireless power transfer technology, which has the potential to completely transform the boating experience. By embracing cordless galley appliances, boaters can enjoy the comforts of home without the hassle of cords and wires. 

One of the primary challenges of living on a boat is effectively managing power consumption and space usage. In the limited space of a vessel, where resources are at a premium, traditional appliances are bulky and can quickly drain a boat’s battery. However, Kitchenery’s Quantum Energy Pad can do energy efficient hybrid induction cooking & cordlessly power galley appliances. This not only preserves the boat’s battery life but also reduces the reliance on fuel to run onboard generators. Moreover the modular and space saving appliances can easily fit in small Yacht cabinets. 


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Kitchenery appliances enhance safety and convenience for boaters. Cords and wires can pose tripping hazards, especially in rough seas, and can become tangled in other equipment. By eliminating cords, boaters can move freely in their kitchen without worrying about accidents. The absence of cords promotes cleanliness and organization, reducing the chances of spills and mishaps.

Boaters can now use appliances like blenders, toasters, and air fryers on deck or even in the cockpit. This expanded flexibility enhances culinary options and recreational activities while out on the water, making the Boating experience even more enticing. 

Check out Kitchenery’s 3D appliance visualization on a Bluewater4X4

Kitchenery-3d-portal-Sea-it Bluewater 4x4, showing cordless applainces - IBEX launch.
Kitchenery’s 3D visualization system launched at IBEX-2023


The adoption of Kitchenery technology contributes to reducing the environmental impact of the Boating industry. By employing energy-efficient appliances & improving onboard generator performance, boaters can actively reduce their carbon emission and contribute to environmental conservation. 

The fusion of wireless power transfer technology and cordless kitchen appliances represents a paradigm shift in the boating industry. By improving energy efficiency, reducing safety hazards, and expanding culinary and recreational possibilities, this technological innovation has the potential to redefine the maritime experience, whether one’s maritime adventures are occasional weekend getaways or a full-time liveaboard lifestyle, Kitchenery’s cordless appliances promises to enhance the boating experience while minimizing its environmental impact.