Kitchenery Inc. Announces Official Partnership with Grow 2 Greatness Ventures (G2G)

Kitchenery Inc. Announces Official Partnership with Grow 2 Greatness Ventures (G2G)

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Tampa Bay, FL – Kitchenery Inc., a leading cordless kitchen appliance company, is excited to announce its official partnership with Grow 2 Greatness Ventures (G2G). G2G, a renowned firm deeply ingrained in the Tampa Bay ecosystem, specializes in Business Lending Solutions, Business Consulting, and Entrepreneurial Training. Notably, G2G has also invested in Kitchenery’s public offering campaign in collaboration with Wefunder.

In this dynamic partnership, G2G takes on the role of a growth and planning advisor for Kitchenery. Leveraging its wealth of experience and industry knowledge, G2G will bolster Kitchenery’s mission to revolutionize cooking experiences and enhance people’s lives. Simultaneously, Kitchenery gains access to G2G’s extensive network of resources, including capital infusion and strategic alliances.

This collaboration between Kitchenery and G2G marks a significant milestone for both entities. Kitchenery is poised to expand its reach and introduce its cutting-edge wireless power transfer technology to a broader audience. In tandem, G2G can enrich its portfolio by embracing Kitchenery as a strategic investment.

“We’re thrilled to join forces with Grow 2 Greatness Ventures as we work towards transforming cooking technology and enriching people’s lives.” “G2G’s wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources will be invaluable to us as we drive innovation, growth, and genuine accessibility to smart homes.” stated Andrew Collier, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Kitchenery. 

About Kitchenery Inc.

Kitchenery Inc. is a pioneer in the realm of smart kitchen appliances, offering state-of-the-art cooking technology to its discerning customers. The company’s overarching mission is to revolutionize cooking experiences and enhance people’s lives by delivering the world’s premier cooking solutions. Kitchenery’s extensive product line encompasses hybrid induction cooktops, cordless appliances, and an array of intelligent kitchen devices.

About Grow 2 Greatness Ventures

Grow 2 Greatness Ventures (G2G) is a micro investment firm headquartered in Tampa, FL, with a commanding presence in the innovation ecosystem. The firm specializes in providing early-stage capital and strategic guidance to innovative enterprises across diverse industries, encompassing services, consulting, technology, data management, and more. G2G’s distinguished team of seasoned investors and advisors actively supports entrepreneurs in nurturing their businesses and attaining transformative success.

For more information, please contact:

Andrew Collier
Director of Corporate Partnerships, Kitchenery Inc.

Josh Ray
Founding Partner, Grow 2 Greatness Ventures