Kitchenery’s Game-Changing Presence at IBEX Show 2023

Kitchenery’s Game-Changing Presence at IBEX Show 2023

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Kitchenery Inc. made waves at this year’s IBEX Show, held at the Tampa Convention Center from October 3rd to the 5th. The event showcased Kitchenery’s ground-breaking partnership with Sea It and Bluewater4x4, unveiling the latest in 3D visualization systems and marine-grade cordless appliances. With a bustling booth and a star-studded team, including CEO Akshay Bhuva, Growth & Operations Manager Paulo Cezar Lopes Sa, and Director of Corporate Partnerships Andrew Collier, Kitchenery left an indelible mark on the marine industry.

A Visionary Partnership

The Sail Plaza in Tampa, FL, was the stage for the unveiling of Kitchenery’s 3D cordless galley appliances. In an unparalleled event, Kitchenery’s leadership team had the honor of presenting the system alongside Manager Director of Bluewater4x4, William Mayhew, to the Executive Director of the Tampa Convention Center, David Ingram. This partnership aimed to redefine innovation in the marine industry.

A Showstopper Booth

Sea It, Kitchenery,  and Bluewater4x4’s booth was a hive of activity throughout the event. It attracted the attention of media groups like Yacht Kings, BoatBuilder Magazine, and more (stay tuned for their feature content). The booth was not only visually captivating but also a hub of innovation that drew marine enthusiasts and industry insiders alike.

The Yacht King, Dennis Foster with Kitchenery’s CEO Akshay Bhuva at IBEX 2023


“This is interesting! Imagine being on a Yacht and not having all these things plugged in, in your backsplash.” – Dennis Foster, The Yacht King

Embracing Innovation in the Marine Industry
Kitchenery-Marine Industry Cordless Appliances Galley Kitchenery's IBEX
Kitchenery’s Marine Grade Cordless Appliances

The IBEX Show provided Kitchenery with an exceptional opportunity to network and build relationships with marine OEMs and aftermarket service providers. It was a platform for Kitchenery to connect with fellow enthusiasts and share their vision of a cordless future in marine galley appliances.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Kitchenery’s presence at IBEX was the overwhelming acceptance of their technology by marine industry insiders. Kitchenery’s Quantum Energy Pad, powered by hybrid induction technology, offers boat owners extreme convenience. It’s not just about making cooking on watercraft safer; it’s about simplifying lives. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for electrical plugs and those pesky cords on countertops, it creates truly multifunctional spaces.

Modular Marvels

Kitchenery’s cordless appliances are modular and stackable, maximizing small counter spaces. This innovation allows users to dedicate minimal space to a suite of modern, sleek, and world-first cordless appliances. The era of tangled cords and cramped galleys is over.

Kitchenery’s participation at IBEX Show 2023 was a testament to their commitment to innovation in the marine industry. With visionary partnerships, cutting-edge technology, and overwhelming industry support, Kitchenery is poised to revolutionize marine galley appliances. The cordless future is here, and it looks brighter than ever.