Techstars Foundercon: Kitchenery’s Triumph in Silicon Valley!

Techstars Foundercon: Kitchenery’s Triumph in Silicon Valley!

Techstars Kitchenery Foundercon Silicon Valley Cover

Techstars Foundercon, an annual gathering of innovative minds, witnessed a groundbreaking moment as Kitchenery, a trailblazer in smart kitchen appliances, secured strategic pre-seed investment from STANLEY + Techstars. This event marked a significant stride for the Tampa-based, establishing a robust partnership in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Techstars: A Catalyst for Innovation

With a remarkable record of investing in over 3,700 startups globally, the group stands as a beacon for early-stage ventures. Specifically, its diverse portfolio spans industries from HealthTech to Web3, creating a thriving network of 8,600 unique founders.

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Techstars Kitchenery Foundercon Silicon Valley
Co-founders of Techstars, David Cohen & Brad Feld

CEO Akshay Bhuva took center stage at Foundercon, presenting the company’s revolutionary kitchen solutions. Moreover, Silicon Valley influencers and founders alike lauded the company for its innovative approach and dedication to shaping the future of kitchen technology.

Diverse Insights at Foundercon

This three-day extravaganza brings together a myriad of companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders. Nonetheless, Kitchenery’s active participation has consistently drawn attention, solidifying its status as a pivotal player in the ever-evolving landscape of smart kitchen technology.

Techstars Foundercon: Unveiling Opportunities

Foundercon is more than an event; it’s an accelerator, a hub for innovation, sustainability, and a nexus for those shaping the future. Further, with 900+ attendees, 560+ founders, 125+ partners, 40+ speakers, and 70+ exhibitors, the event unfolds a dynamic platform for networking, learning, and exploring groundbreaking opportunities.

Kitchenery’s Ongoing Venture with Techstars

Our association with Techstars Foundercon is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation. Additionally, having participated in the 2022 event, the company leverages this platform to showcase its cutting-edge wireless energy technology and smart kitchen solutions.

Testimonials Echoing Excellence

Key figures at the event shared their insights on the company’s impact. For instance, Kelly (Coston) Hollis, Partnership Manager at Wandr Studios, expressed excitement about being an early adopter of Kitchenery’s cordless kitchen appliances. Also, Hannes Bend, CEO of, recognized the sustainable aspect of Kitchenery’s technology.

Techstars & Kitchenery: Shaping Tomorrow

The collaboration between Techstars and Kitchenery marks a dynamic fusion of innovation and vision. Hence, CEO Akshay Bhuva, in a LinkedIn announcement, emphasized the joint power of “Techstars and Kitchenery, shaping the future.”

In conlusion, Tampa-based company’s success at the prestigious Foundercon not only validates its commitment to redefining kitchen experiences but also solidifies its position as a significant player in Silicon Valley’s tech landscape. Lastly, the strategic pre-seed investment sets the stage for Kitchenery’s continued growth and impact in the smart kitchen industry.