Kitchenery Announces Strategic Partnership with RevStar

Kitchenery Announces Strategic Partnership with RevStar

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Kitchenery is leading innovator in wireless power technology for kitchen appliances, is thrilled to announce a strategic financial investment and strategic partnership with RevStar.                         

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with RevStar,” said Andrew Collier, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Kitchenery Inc.

“RevStar’s depth of knowledge and experience in various domains, combined with their commitment to excellence, perfectly aligns with our vision of transforming the kitchen experience. This collaboration will enable us to leverage their expertise to enhance our product offerings, expand our market reach, and deliver even greater value to our customers.” As part of this partnership, Kitchenery and RevStar will collaborate on research and development initiatives, explore new market opportunities, and drive joint marketing and promotional campaigns. The teams will work closely together to enhance Kitchenery’s product portfolio, optimize business operations, and capitalize on emerging market trends. 

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies, as they join forces to leverage their respective expertise and drive mutual growth and innovation. Kitchenery is revolutionizing the cooking experience with its cutting-edge wireless power transfer technology and cordless appliances. The company’s commitment to delivering safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly kitchen solutions has garnered widespread acclaim in the industry. 

By eliminating the need for cumbersome cords and enabling greater flexibility in kitchen design, Kitchenery is transforming the way people cook and enjoy their culinary pursuits. RevStar, with its extensive experience and comprehensive range of services, has been instrumental in guiding businesses toward achieving their strategic goals. Their expertise in software development, IoT, and AI/ML solutions has consistently helped organizations optimize their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive sustainable growth. 

RevStar’s commitment to excellence and its track record of success makes them an ideal partner for Kitchenery. Through this strategic partnership, Kitchenery and RevStar aim to unlock new avenues of innovation and drive market disruption. By combining Kitchenery’s groundbreaking wireless power technology with RevStar’s proven expertise in business strategy and technology solutions, the companies seek to create synergistic value and empower the future of kitchen technology. 

“RevStar is excited to partner with Kitchenery and be part of their journey to redefine the energy landscape for IoT devices like kitchen appliances,” said Ken Pomella, CEO of RevStar.

“Kitchenery’s wireless power technology is revolutionizing how we interact with kitchen appliances, and we are confident that our combined efforts will expand the availability and use case for such transformative technology. Through this partnership, we aim to deliver innovative solutions that will elevate access to wirelessly powered devices for consumers worldwide.” Kitchenery and RevStar invite industry professionals, investors, and stakeholders to follow their journey as they embark on this exciting partnership. For more information about Kitchenery’s wireless power technology and RevStar’s comprehensive range of services, please visit their respective websites and social media channels.


About Kitchenery Inc:  a leading innovator in wireless power technology for kitchen appliances. With a mission to revolutionize and enhance people’s lives through the world’s best cooking experience, Kitchenery designs and manufactures cordless appliances that offer convenience, safety, and efficiency. By eliminating cords and enabling seamless mobility in the kitchen, Kitchenery is shaping the future of cooking technology. For more information, visit

About RevStar: a trusted provider of software development, IoT, and AI/ML solutions. With a focus on delivering comprehensive services and driving sustainable growth, RevStar helps businesses optimize their operations, capitalize on market opportunities, and achieve their strategic objectives. With expertise across multiple domains, RevStar is committed to enabling success for its clients. For more information, visit



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