Embrace the Future of Cooking: Kitchenery’s Wireless Power Transfer Technology

Embrace the Future of Cooking: Kitchenery’s Wireless Power Transfer Technology

Kitchenery's Concept Kitchen. Smart Wireless Power Transfer Appliances

Kitchenery’s revolutionary wireless power transfer (WPT) technology is changing the way we cook. The Quantum Energy pad empowers appliances with up to 1200 watts of wireless power. Our power receiving modules seamlessly integrate into small kitchen appliances, such as juicers, toasters, and air-fryers. These modules enable your appliances to effortlessly receive wireless energy from the Quantum energy pad. Equipped with smart MCUs, they comply with the latest smart connectivity standards, including voice control capabilities for remote cooking. This groundbreaking technology is reshaping the modern kitchen, making it more convenient for the modern family.

Unlocking the Benefits of Kitchenery’s WPT Technology

Experience Unmatched Convenience: With Kitchenery’s WPT technology, you can cook without being tied to an outlet. Say goodbye to the hassle of wires cluttering your kitchen. Now, you have the freedom to move your appliances wherever suits you best.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency: By eliminating cords and wires, Kitchenery’s WPT technology reduces power consumption, ultimately lowering your energy bills. This versatile technology is compatible with various appliances, allowing you to upgrade your existing devices without the need for replacements.

Seamless Appliance Integration: Kitchenery’s power-receiving modules boast smart communication protocols, enabling them to interact with other kitchen appliances. Control multiple devices from a single interface and create automated sequences, ensuring your appliances work harmoniously together.

Remote Culinary Mastery: Take advantage of Kitchenery’s WPT technology to cook from afar. Utilize voice control and software applications to initiate cooking through your smartphone, tablet, or voice assistant device (Alexa or Google home smart speaker), ensuring your meal is ready as soon as you arrive home.

Safe Electromagnetic Field: Kitchenery’s WPT technology utilizes a secure electromagnetic field to transmit power from the transmitter to the power receiving module. This field is entirely safe for humans and does not interfere with other electronic devices.

Kitchenery Quantum Energy Pad - Wireless Power Transfer
Kitchenery Quantum Energy Pad

Kitchenery’s innovation is leading a revolution in the cooking industry. The integration of WPT technology promises to overhaul your daily cooking routines, enhancing efficiency, convenience, and kitchen safety. Embrace Kitchenery’s WPT technology, and you’re not just upgrading; you’re taking a leap into the future of cooking.

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